Cryptocurrency Exchange

Exchange Crypto from BTC to ETH, EOS, XMR, LTC, DOGE, USDT, XRP, USD, EUR, AUD, etc.

This Easy Cryptocurrency Exchange is powered by Changelly

The Conversation rate is realtime, so the price is always live and up-to date.

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This is a realtime exchange for cryptocurrencies.

Are the exchange prices fair?

If you are not sure if its the right amount you will get for your exchange, you can use our calulator here to get the realtime conversion rate.
You can make sure though that changelly is always fair with their exchange rate.
You can compare the prices of crypto at other exchanges and you'll see its always the realtime value you're exchanging with. Changelly takes a little fee of about 2-5% for exchanging your coins. This fee can be different for fiat currency.

How fast is the crypto exchange?

Its basically instant. Depending on the currency will the exchange take a few minutes only.If the cryptocurrency is slow, like bitcoin, it can take a little while (depending on the blockchain speed)

Why should I use this service?

You can exchange it yourself if you want. You still have to use exchanges in order to do that which means you will have to verify yourself with your ID at some point. This is not needed at Changelly.
That doesn't mean you won't pay any fees. Most of the exchanges have trading fees and withdraw fees. Some of them redicilous high. Its easier to use Changelly for that matter.

Can Changelly be trusted?

Yes! You definitely can trust them. Changelly is the oldest and most trusted instant exchange for cryptos you can find.