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What do we offer?

We work with a professional match analyst to get a high win rate at tennis and football games.
He started his match prediction service back in 2014, where he got until today a win rate of about 85%.
He managed to make 8.7 Bitcoin out of a 0.1 BTC bankroll within ~8000 games.

With how much bankroll do you recommend to start?

You can start by having as little as 100$ for a bankroll. You will only bet 5/100 of your bankroll each bet so as higher your bankroll is the more profit you will get.

How do I get the match predictions?

You will get the picks in a parlay (2 match bet) daily via telegram after completing the pruchase.
All services are being offered by the contact person on telegram after you buy the service.

Is there still a risk of losing?

This is still gambling. You can still lose. Do not bet more then 5% of your bankroll on each bet.
This is very important and can lead to issues if you bet more then suggested.